The Toftness system was developed by I.N. Toftness, D.C., PhC. There is now a Toftness Post-Graduate School of Chiropractic. Dr. Toftness observed a phenomenon: a resistance was encountered whenever his hands passed over areas of the spinal column that were problem areas. The same phenomenon of resistance was not found over non-affected areas. To make the phenomenon more observable, he developed a procedure. Using a light force, he applied force in various directions to the process of an offending vertebra, and when the proper direction was determined, a complete release of the interference was effected, and the "resistance" disappeared. This lead him to find better ways of detecting this resistance, and determining the proper direction for release, eventually developing a patented Radiation Detector for analysis. Philosophy: The Toftness system is a neurological means of analysis. The theory states that the ends of the spine control nerve transmission and that it is the stretch of the nerve fibers within the spine that cause interference with nerve transmission. Analysis & Diagnosis were originally made using a Research Radiometer (developed and constructed specifically for this use). Then a digital read-out and strip chart recording were made with a multiple lens system incorporated into the detector. This process has now been patented, and is called a Radiation Detector, and is used integrally in the Toftness technique. The adjustment is given using a shallow thrust, non-force technique with very specific attention to ratios of thrust to movement and release factors. A special pressure applicator is used.

David Toftness, D.C.
P.O. Box 547
Cumberland, WI 54829

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